Pet Types – Communing with Your Pet Heart to Heart . . . A Tale with a Tail

So… you think you know your pet. Well,

you’re probably right. But there may still be some things you can do to

improve the level of communication. If you can ‘hear’ your pet expressing

any of the quotes listed below, you are well on the road to understanding a bit

more about their personality (doganality, catanality, etc.).

“When you use the litter box, make sure you cover up whatever you leave there.”

“Back from vacation? Were you gone? Did you bring me anything?”

“So many things I could do… If only I had a thumb…”

“You look sad. Can I get you a cookie?”


Do you know what those words mean? If you are thinking, “I know! I know! The sounds a car makes when you keep driving on a flat tire!“ Well, possibly, but in THIS case, it is the abbreviation for the four different personality types we will be discussing.

Pet Types breaks down our

preferences into four distinct categories. Once you determine your own Pet

Type, pay close attention to your 4-legged (or buy the book and fill out the

assessment) to see what areas you have in common AND which areas require a bit

of give-and-take.

The categories are as


1) C.O.P.

– Commitment, Order & Preservation: A Place for Everything and

Everything in its Place
(Those of you with “S” and “J” in your

type will relate well to this one.)

2) L.O.P.

– Life Of Party: Life is a Carnival
(Those of you with “S” and “P” in your

type will be comfortable here)

3) Z.O.P.

– Zealous Objective Perfectionist: Life is a Constant Learning Experience
(Those of you with “N” and “T” in your

type may find this category familiar)

4) H.O.P.

– Helpful, Optimistic & Philosophical: “How Can I Be of Service?”
(Those of you with “N” and “F” in your

type may gravitate this way)

So let’s peruse a bit

deeper here and see what resonates for you: 

What You Should Know About a C.O.P.  –  (“A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”)

They tend to be…

TRADITIONAL… The Christmas tree goes up on the 10th of December, Sunday is cookie day, cat nip is an after dinner treat.

RULE PLAYERS… That is why they exist.

REALISTS… Typically trust your past experience over your gut feelings. (The LAST time we took this route we ended up at the vet!)

COMMUNITY ORIENTED… Whether it’s a church club or the dog park, societal involvement is high on the list of ‘shoulds’. 

WORRIERS… Murphy’s Law could apply here. You may have a tendency to exaggerate the probability of things going wrong. (Oh-oh… better not plan that trip to the beach yet. It will probably rain.) 

SCHEDULED … “Pleasant surprise” is an oxymoron. A “surprise” is only welcome when it’s on the agenda. 

C.O.P. … Keeping a tidy

world (including litter boxes and pet hair.)

What You Should Know About

a L.O.P.  –  (Life is a Carnival)

They tend to be…

SPONTANEOUS… Live for the moment.

EASILY DISTRACTED… Now WHY did I come in here? Chew toy? Mouse? Glasses? Hmmmm… better walk out and come in again.

COMMITMENT-PHOBIC … You probably prefer to pencil things in on your calendar (if you even use a calendar) in case “something better comes up. (Tell Fluffy to chill out. I’ll see how I feel after nap time.)

ACTION-ORIENTED … An environment where change is the rule rather than the exception. (2 or 4-legged, if you are stuck in a grind you are most likely quite frustrated.)     

HANDS ON… You probably prefer a real experience over theory or TV. (I don’t CARE how Lassie did it.)

FREE SPIRITS… Things could change in the blink of an eye, so why waste time planning? Let’s hit the dog park.

L.O.P. … Enjoying life one moment at a time.

What You Should Know About a Z.O.P.  –  (Life is a Constant Learning Experience)

They tend to be… 

STICKLERS FOR PERFECTION… You are tough judges when it comes to standards that are up to your approval for yourself or others. (LAST time I held the peanut on my nose for THREE minutes…)

COMPETITIVE … You will try to improve on just about anything.

CURIOUS… You probably prefer to have things proved to you rather than accepting them on blind faith. (I realize you get off work at 6pm, but does that assure that dinner will be served by 6:30 p.m.?)

ALOOF… You may have an aura of coolness when your mind is just otherwise occupied. (“And if I dug the hole just a few inches deeper, the means of escape is almost assured.”)

VISIONARY… you enjoy the cutting edge. (Cats in outer space? Why not?) 

Z.O.P. … Have you ever tried doing that THIS way?

What You Should Know About a H.O.P.  –  (“How Can I Be of Service?”)

They tend to be…

CONGENIAL… Whether it’s a tail wag, a purr or a hug, you enjoy communicating with others and like giving and receiving attention.

VULNERABLE TO… Wanting to please all the people (or all the animals) all the time. You also have a tendency to bend to accommodate others (sometimes too far).     

YOUR HEART… probably rules your head in most situations.

IDEALIST… You would likely prefer to make a difference in the world. (“If we ALL extend a helping paw, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.”)

CONFLICT… is a dirty word. You avoid it whenever possible.

CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM … is an oxymoron. Criticize a H.O.P. or give them a stern look and they will probably mope. (“I’m not speaking to you just now. You hurt my feelings.”)

H.O.P. … saving the world one being at a time.

Regardless of species or number of legs, there are those with whom we feel an immediate connection and others who, well, require a little more give and take, shall we say.     

But no matter WHO makes up the relationship, there are lessons to be learned. And I can honestly say that some of the most important principles in life that I attempt to uphold, I have learned from my 4-legged friends. Living in the moment, not becoming hysterical over the trivial (“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE’RE OUT OF COFFEE?!”), and all in all, realizing that the legacy we eventually leave will be a testament to the love that we have shared in and inspired during our earthly sojourn.

I will close here with the following advice: 

Smile more.

Be gentle with yourself and others.



Appreciate the simple things.

And from another perspective…

Roll around on your back in the grass…

Get really excited over your next meal…

Savor those belly rubs…

And never underestimate the beauty of a nap.

Peace to all sentient beings.