Why the Delta, Inc. 360-degree assessment could revolutionize your leadership


The Delta 360-degree assessment delivers the attractive pricing of a self-serve, off-the-shelf 360 with consulting from top professionals—at no additional cost–that gives you a tool that fits your organization like a custom-tailored suit.


The Delta, Inc 360 puts your executives at the top of their game through hard-hitting feedback on the right key performance areas, a report that compellingly presents that important data, and a game plan to move forward.  The Delta 360 has the unique power to strike at the heart of what you need to do to achieve your most ambitious, challenging goals.

How the Delta 360-degree assessment works

The Delta, Inc. 360-degree Assessment is administered online, using our secure proprietary 360 platform, featuring an Interface and navigation designed for ease of use and a frustration-free experience. Here’s how:


Design and Define

We’ll determine with you the key performance areas that are critical to your organization’s success. We’ll develop carefully crafted items that reveal important strengths, gaps and blindspots. We work with you to determine the appropriate rater categories and raters.



We will provide communications to raters from kick-off to wrap up that will motivate them to participate and assure them of a secure and confidential process.



We track responses from raters and send reminders to ensure a high response rate in all rater categories, as well as provide status updates.



Data is reported in graphs, tables and open-ended comments. The data provides instant insight in a visually appealing presentation.


Game Plan

Delta, Inc. develops a 360-degree-assessment game plan with the 360-degree participant that is often a game-changer—enabling the executive to develop effective partnerships with the colleagues in their circle of influence and to catapult their careers forward.