An Interactive Community for the
One-Stop Learning and Application
of Personality Type



World Type Alliance is a community focused on building alliances with those who share a passion for personality type. We offer tips, tools, resources and exercises for those who practice or seek to incorporate type into their lives and careers.

We seek to:

  1. Share insights and ideas about personality type from a diverse point of view
  2. Review products and services with the opportunity to share our experiences and thoughts.
  3. Serve as a platform for all those who share a passion for personality type.

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Carol Kallendorf, Ph.D. is the founder of Delta Associates, Inc. She is a nationally/internationally known executive coach, group facilitator, and organizational authority. She is the creator of the Delta Associates, Inc. 360-degree assessment, which will debut in the fall, and map to personality type and feedback in the workplace. She is an expert in assessment applications in the organizations, including MBTI®, FIRO-B, CPI 260 and 360-degree assessments. She is an advisor to CEOs and their organizations. Carol did her undergraduate work at Valparaiso University and her Ph.D. at Duke University.

Jack Speer is president of Delta Associates, Inc., specializing in leadership, coaching and organizational success. Delta Associates is located in Austin, Texas and has been a sponsor of numerous web publications, including The MBTI Club, which operated for four years and served the type community. Delta Associates works with organizations that need to scale their people in order to grow. Jack is a specialist in Latin America and is fluent in Spanish. Jack is the publisher of the popular Delta on Type newsletter which takes a humorous approach to the discussion on type and is read around the world.


Lana Newlander is Membership Director of The World Type Alliance. She is in charge of membership relations, member contact and membership concerns. Lana manages logistics and administration for Delta, Inc., the parent company of World Type Alliance. She is the owner of Virtual Business Solutions and directs logistics and administrative support for executives and companies in a variety of industries and locations. Lana can be reached at lnewlander[AT] or at Linda lives in Lakeway, Texas near Austin.

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