Delta Interactive Type Table–an Awesome Tool for Type Professionals, Clients, and Those Who Love Type

By Jack Speer | March 31, 2015

The Interactive Delta Interactive Type Table is one of the easiest and most effective ways of learning and applying type.

A Free Tool for Practitioners.  As a practitioner you can use the Interactive type table as you debrief your clients and as a reference in MBTI classes.

A Learning Resource if You are New to Type.   it’s a great way to learn about your own type, beginning with those who are closest to you. Just click on their type, read, learn, and enjoy. As you learn the type of friends and business associates, you’ll become skilled at applying type to all kinds of people and situations.

The Interactive type table has been developed and validated through many years of MBTI debriefings with hundreds of clients from a wide range of industries.

Here are some the features that make the Delta Interactive Type Table valuable:

1. MBTI (RT) Type FastFacts.  One of the most popular features, FastFacts gives quick descriptions of each type, including their opportunities and threats associated with each one.  It’s great for learning and reference.

2.  Extended Type Descriptions. The Interactive Type Table features detailed type descriptions drawn from the original observations of Myers and Briggs, as well as from many scholars and practitioners.  You’ll be able to quickly identify the descriptions with people in your profession and in the rest of your life.

3.  Celebrity Identification.  A well known historical figure or celebrity who is type representative is part of the description as a useful memory aid and as a reminder that each personality type has distinguished people and well known achievers associated with the type.  Each type has its own type of genius and potential.

The Interactive Type Table is free for all to use.    Please credit Delta Inc. as the source, and we will be very grateful for that.  You may link to the page as a part of your website.