Keep from Getting Fired with Personality Type—Win Your Promotion!

By Jack Speer | April 29, 2016

As an ENTJ, I can tell you I have never been fired—and that’s a miracle!

In a few cases, I came very close to getting fired. (See the Delta Interactive Type Table, for all type descriptions, mine and yours).

As an ENTJ, here’s what I did that employers loved and hated.

What I was doing right: As an ENTJ, I found that I have always been a natural leader. I was able to sell products and services for organizations and move people forward. I found myself to be a natural entrepreneur.

What I was doing wrong: I was so focused on outcomes and winning that I rolled over people and their feelings. I didn’t value people who were working for me. I was successful, and not popular.

Who I allied with: I thought I was the center of every accomplishment, so I began to understand that my team was the key to everything I did. I learned people’s type and did things from their perspective. I especially allied with people with the Feeling preference. They helped me understand how my actions were being perceived by the group.

Use MBTI to Avoid Disaster and to Catapult your Career

You can save yourself career disaster if you apply the information below—and you can advance your career. Total disclosure—you must be open to learning about yourself and redirect—difficult for many people.

Personality Type Can Save your Career or Sink You

All personality types have a typical set of behaviors that work for that particular type in the workplace, and another set that works against them. Type can predict what workplace issues will be with a great degree of accuracy. That’s what makes type so valuable and powerful.

The issues I faced as an ENTJ are common to many ENTJ’s. You can find out what the strengths and challenges of your personality type are below to help you manage your career, your relationships, and your life—as well as to build a team that clicks as a team.

Here’s what I’d like to challenge you today.

1) Find your personality type below. Don’t know you personality type? We use MBTI Step IITM, from CPP, Inc. If we can help, plse contact us. Need a free assessment? Try Personality Hacker, It seems to identify type accurately.

2) Make your plan. After reading about your personality type below, and the behaviors that are likely to work for you or against you, along with your best types to ally with, make a list of what works for you and against you in your job or profession now, and who might best help you. Use what you come up with to chart your career forward.

We’ll help! If you need help in applying these concepts to your issues, contact us for a confidential analysis. We will also work with your team on alignment issues, using personality type.

In a few cases, I came very close to getting fired. (See the Delta Interactive Type Table, for all type descriptions, mine and yours).


Personality Type What You’re Doing Right: Keep it Up! What You Should Do/Not Do Which Types Should You Ally With/Whom to Avoid
ISTJ (11.6%) What Your Boss Likes! When you’re most usually the person in the room most prepared with data and information, and when you back the organization’s plan, and you make the organization run smoothly. 
What Your Boss Hates! When you lock down and fixate on the past to the point you can’t see the future. Your boss may see you as a gatekeeper, keeping more things from happening than not happening. When to Ally/Avoid! You should ally with people of an iNtuitive point of view, to be able to use your abilities to organize past data to help move the organization forward.
ISFJ (13.8%) What Your Boss Likes! When you willing and lovingly take care of people in a professional way, those who others can’t or won’t care of. What Your Boss Hates! When you love individuals, but don’t identify with the goals and policies of the organization. They hate it when you oppose change or ignore it. When to Ally/Avoid! You can ally with SJ’s (such as the ISTJ) to help you make your way comfortably though the organization. You should ally with NF’s (such as the ENFP), who have the same people values that you do and understand the organization.
INFJ (1.5%) What Your Boss Likes! That you have a vision for the future of the organization and how it will impact for good. You do well in participating in planning retreats, and have a great connection with mission, vision and values of the organization. What Your Boss Hates! When you come in and out of the process, sometimes mentally available and sometimes you disappear into yourself, and people around you don’t know where your head is. When to Ally/Avoid! You should ally with SJ’s ( ISTJ, ISFJ,) to bring your to your vision that steps toward implementation. You should ally with NT’s (ENTJ’s, ENTP’s to weave you vision into the day-to-day life of the organization.
INTJ (2.1%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are intelligent, insightful, clever, and well spoken. You have the ability to understand complexity as few other types do. They like it that you make great presentations bases on complex models and well researched data. What Your Boss Hates! That you often are not outcome oriented, nor do you give loyalty based on position. You are given to have loyalty to a very small inner circle. As a team leader, you may not engage with the team. You may generate expectations that you do not fulfill. When to Ally/Avoid! You are unlikely to see a need to develop long term alliances in the workplace. As a person with great potential to communicate, your alliances will be with those who benefit from your individual contributions, which can be many.
ISTP (5.4%) 
What Your Boss Likes! That you fit into a team, you’rs witty, and that as a keen observer of what is happening around you, by observing problems and crises, you often are able to solve them. What Your Boss Hates! That you may not connect well to what happens on a day to day basis. You often do not do well with changes in procedures within the organization. When to Ally/Avoid! As an ISTP you should ally with outcome oriented types such as the ESTJ, who will appreciate your ability to deal with concrete hands on issues.
ISFP (4.4%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are personable and well-liked and make people feel comfortable in your workplace. You can be quite passionate about what you’re doing, if you feel aligned with those around you. 
What Your Boss Hates! When your independent nature clashes with the direction of the organization. You may be thought to speak out of turn, “to say the wrong thing,” at the wrong time, if you feel that what you say must be said. When to Ally/Avoid! In the workplace you can ally with someone like an ENFJ or ENFP who can help you understand the impact of your words and actions, and help you predict whether you will like the outcomes.
INFP (5.4%) What Your Boss Likes! That you’re idealistic and creative. What Your Boss Hates! That your personal commitment to living life as an individual experience may make you an unknown quantity in the workplace. 
When to Ally/Avoid! You will want to ally with types such as ENFP and ENFP, who can interpret you to the greater organization.
ESFP (8.5%) What Your Boss Likes! That you have a deep feeling for people and love to interact with them. 
What Your Boss Hates! That you may be difficult to tack down to get specific outcomes. You are not given to like data or schedules. When to Ally/Avoid! You can ally with leadership types such as ENTP’s who need you passion for people to help them put teams together.
INTP (3.3%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are intelligent, observant, and data driven. You are self-observant, and INTP’s often understand personality type the best of any of the types. What Your Boss Hates! That you can concentrate on single details to the point of being the “odd man out” on the team. You may concentrate on one aspect of an issue that other team members may consider unimportant. You can derail a project or take it back to “ground zero.” When to Ally/Avoid! As an excellent lecturer, you may want to ally yourself with teachers and educational institutions. As one of sees the problems in a situation, you may find a place for yourself as an inspector or researcher.
ESTP (4.3%) What Your Boss Likes! That you’re a person who reads other people “like a book.” You are able to tell what others will do next by facial expressions, body movement, and dress. Often pictured as the daredevil James Bond type, the ESTP is really quite traditional and conforms well in group situations. What Your Boss Hates! That you are quite anchored to the here and now realities of today, and may never look far enough into the future to take on a key role in the organization. When to Ally/Avoid! Since you are a doer, more than a thinker and an analyzer, you an well ally with the ENTJ to add strategy to your action.
ENFP (8.1%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are often the most instantly liked and admired person in the organization. Under your leadership the organization will follow you, even when they’re concerned about the direction. People in the organization tend to make you the key leader of those around you. What Your Boss Hates! That you may not engage the underlying issues of the organization to be point of becoming a player in the decision making process. You can be perceived of not going below the surface. A sense of courtesy may keep you from pushing people. ENFP’s can have low boredom thresholds and leave the project inexplicably. When to Ally/Avoid! ENFP’s are natural allies to all other types. They often hold the organization together during difficult times. You should ally with those who know most about the science and inner workings of organizations to be seen as knowledgably professionals.
ENTP (3.2%) What Your Boss Likes! That you have a broad range of skills critical to organizations in technology and communication. You understand the inner workings of technological systems. You have the natural communication skills of media personalities. You are open to trying alternative ways of getting things done. What Your Boss Hates! That you may not be able to use your considerable skills to get a broad system wide outcome, focusing on details at hand. Ideas and initiatives come from your Extroverted Intuition that explodes ideas like popcorn, rather than focusing on a larger plan. You may be seen as combative in communication, using your communication skills to win arguments rather than bringing about understanding. When to Ally/Avoid! ENTP’s are often entrepreneurs and those who command the stage. They best ally with the people who need their skills. ENTP’s have quick minds and sharp abilities, but they need to ally with people who take care of detail to bring the ENTP’s ideas to fruition.
ESTJ (8.7%) What Your Boss Likes! That there is no mountain too high for you to climb. You can accomplish any goal as long as it is defined and you are given resources. You are at the heart of organization’s ability to move forward. You are loyal to the organization and will work hard to make your project succeed. What Your Boss Hates! That you not be able to succeed in situations where traditional plans are thrown out and non-traditional solutions are applied. The ESTJ may double down on a failing project where changing situations make the project no longer viable. ESTJ’s can be unbending in situations that demand flexibility to changing circumstances. When to Ally/Avoid! ESTJ’s need systems in which to work, whether they are in manufacturing, banking, construction, etc. They must ally with types such as ESTJ’s who have models that already work, or with types such as ENTJ’s, who can create structures.
ESFJ (12.3%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are the most successful organizer of people and projects of any of the personality types. You have the ability to manage a great volume of details on any project. You skillfully and diplomatically manage a team’s operations, communicating effectively with team members and pinging them for action. What Your Boss Hates! That you can be totally disinterested in the greater context of the project, and can be irritated when someone explains it because it slows you down in your process. You may undervalue details and actions that don’t fit into what you feel is important. When to Ally/Avoid! As an ESFJ, you feel comfortable and empowered to structure that you can fit into and so need other types who can create structure. An ESFJ would do well to ally themselves to other organizational leadership types, such as ESTJ’s, ISTJ’s, ENTJ’s ENTP’s and types that tend to lead teams.
ENFJ (2.5%) What Your Boss Likes! That you are a personality type that is perhaps the most successful in getting outcomes with people. No other type has the people ability of an ENFJ to align people in teams. You also have an uncommon ability to manage details and information, with an understanding and mastery of technology. ENFJ’s are loyal to both organizations and the people who are part of them. What Your Boss Hates! That you are a master the strategy of groups and people, yet in some circumstances you work to grasp a larger organizational strategy. You may become physically ill when dealing with controversy, and may suppress controversy necessary to coming to conclusions. ENFJ’s struggle with sharing limelight when in positions of leadership, and can feel that criticism is a personal attack. When to Ally/Avoid! ENFJ’s are defined by their ability to ally with all types, and have the ability to hold groups together over time. When groups are seriously dysfunctional, the ENFJ allies with people in the group to align the team.
ENTJ (1.8%) What Your Boss Likes! That your ability in organizational strategy and your ability to achieve outcomes is unparalleled. You are a natural leader, and organizations who are start-ups or those who are in trouble turn to you in the most difficult situations. You are able to rescue situations that no one else can. What Your Boss Hates! Your belief that outcomes are more important than people can cause you to do a great deal of collateral damage in an organization. You believe that rules are less important than getting the results you are determined to achieve. You struggle with the idea of boundaries. You believe that feelings get in the way of organizational excellence. When to Ally/Avoid! The ENTJ has a difficult time with alliances because they see them as undermining what needs to be done to achieve outcomes. They too often don’t understand that any outcome they achieve will not be lasting if they fail to maintain relationships. ENFJ’s and ENFP’s can help the ENTJ to maintain the relations to make change lasting.