Which Personality Types Does Your Team Need?

By Jack Speer | April 3, 2015

(In order to read this article effectively, please reference the Delta Interactive Type Table.)


Success can come down to choosing the right personality types on your teams, achieving the right blend of personalities to achieve an outcome.

If you had a team of each of the 16 personality types, you would most likely end up with gridlock,  conflict, and chaos.  If you had a team with one personality type, you would likely have great cohesion but terrible outcomes.

Consider These Facts

  • The same personality types often enter the same professions and industries.   ENTP’s are often drawn to law, ISTJ’s to accounting, ISFP’s to healthcare, and ENTJ’s to management.
  • Most teams have a predominant personality type. This is true of technology teams (ENTJ), healthcare teams (ISFJ, ISFP), and banking (ISTJ, ESTJ).
  • A concentration of one or two personality types on a team can be useful.  It can give the team cohesion, when balanced with other types who will bring different approaches to the team, and who provide pushback to groupthink.

Teams Require Specific Functions and Roles

Some of the roles are:

  • Individual skillsets to achieve the team goal.
  • The ability to plan, map, and execute defined tasks.
  • A sense of the big picture–how does the team’s part fit into the whole?
  • Innovative ways to achieve outcomes, overcome obstacles and to seize opportunities.

The type of team and its objective tells you its composition in terms of personality type.

In product development and marketing, intuitive thinkers are valuable, along with intuitive feelers. In banking, the intuitive’s bias toward the the future may get in the way of day-to-day practical processing.  SJ’s run the world of accounting, banking, transactional law, and they will work with the power of data.  Intuitives are useful when untried processes, plans and strategies need to be developed.

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