What circumstances would convince you to do a Teambuilding Session this month?

You’re over budget, out of time, and there is little support for teambuilding . . . so what would cause your organization to invest the time and money in teambuilding now?

Leader and his team

Achieving success, avoiding missing your objective,
which you can’t afford to do.

It’s like Patrick Lencioni’s business novel, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, when new CEO Kathryn Peterson walks into DecionTech, Inc. a floundering organization. Nobody on the leadership team has time for teambuilding… but everyone has time to fail.

Delta Associates, Inc. uses an acclaimed model for Teambuilding Success, the MBTI Step II, along with FIRO-B, often with the Delta, Inc. 360-degree assessment.  Our methodology aligns teams for results.  Let us put you in touch with someone who has experienced it.