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General Douglas MacArthur – Who Likes ESTJ’s and Who Doesn’t?

The Likability Index – Who Likes ESTJ’s and Who Doesn’t?  Who Likes ESTJ’s and who doesn’t?  If you are an…


On the Likeability Index, INTJ’s can be a mixed bag, with people and groups lined up on either side. Charles…

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The MBTI Likeability Index – Find Out Who Naturally Likes You, and Who Doesn’t Warren Buffett, 83, “the wizard of…

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This article is the latest in the MBTI Likeability Index series, which explores who naturally likes whom, and why. To…

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Each of the 16 personality types has a different set of basic operating values (BOV). Based on their BOV, MBTI…

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When You Have an End of the World Scenario, You Need a PERCEIVER!
Does Perceiver Always Stand for Procrastinator? 
P Can Stand for POWERFUL!

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